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Cabaret Casa de Tolerância

Casa de Tolerância is inspired by the New Burlesque style of Cabaret, in which the performing artists use the act of undressing to express and position themselves politically.

All acts embody current political issues, bringing clear criticisms to diverse themes to the stage.


Directed by: Marlon Spilhere
Cast: Alyssa Tessari, Gustavo Alexandre, Iarima Castro Alves, Brisa del Mat, Maíra Wiener, Marco Antonio and Suzana Silveira.
Scenography, costumes, makeup and lighting: Marlon Spilhere
Sound: Cassiano Wirtti
Photo credits: Samanta Daus Silvius

Duration: 75 minutes

Premiered in June 2014 at the Department of Performing Arts of CEART-UDESC.

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