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Die Einzelnen

You enter a narrow hallway. It is warm. It is damp. A ray of light shines, a voice begins to greet you. The work Die Einzelnen functions as an associative series of accessible episodes in which individual visitors are instructed on actions, asked to position themselves in terms of content and actively integrated into a narrative. Exactly one episode is ready for everyone: a space, a performance, an object arrangement or audio track that confronts the individual with open questions about his own physicality, his actions, technical progress, the future and the role he will play in it.
The episodes or reports on their experience can only come together in the mutual exchange of all individuals at work. Even if memories of what has been experienced, heard and seen overlap, each individual can only assemble a tiny, subjective fragment into the totality of the possible history. It can only be put together as a provisional arrangement of a multitude of similar but never identical perspectives, reflections, inspirations, spatial impressions and unanswered questions, which each person takes out of the work, carries to the outside world and brings into conversation as an individual impression. The broadening of the horizon can only take place in a communicative way, allowing the other perspective and the readiness to tell about oneself.




Conception, production and art: Julia Lara Gerke, Julia Carolin Kothe, Joëlle Pidoux

Dramaturgy: Maíra Wiener


Installation presented during Festival der Jungen Talente at Frankfurter Kunstverein.



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