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Maíra Wiener (1993) is a freelance theater maker working as a director, performer, dramaturg, production manager and theater educator in various configurations and work structures. Her focus is on participatory, interdisciplinary, site-specific and process-based performative formats in predominantly rural and public spaces. In her works she often deals with migration, identity and associated experiences and allocations.

Since 2019 she lives in the town of Graben-Neudorf, in the rural area within the district of Karlsruhe, where she develops site specific projects reflecting on the interrelatedness between local and global issues. She developed a relationship to art in rural spaces as early as 2015: she led performative projects in the small town of Garopaba, Brazil, where she partly grew up.

Before her arrival in Graben-Neudorf, she worked mainly in Brussels, Frankfurt and Florianópolis, as a freelance director, dramaturge, actress and producer. She was a founding member to the groups Sujeito Coletivo Cênico and Coletivo Urucubaca, with which she worked between 2012 and 2016 in Florianópolis, developing plays and performances.

She completed Theatre Studies and Theatre Pedagogy at Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis, Brazil and is currently a Master Student in Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research at Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Hessische Theaterakademie and Université Libre de Bruxelles.

For her time in Brussels she was granted a DAAD scholarship.

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