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Projects in the making in 2022

Erzähl mir mehr, Graben-Neudorf (June - October 2022)

Continuation of last year's "Erzähl mir was, Graben-Neudorf", in collaboration with Lukas Gauntt: get ready for more performative bike tours, a public installation, writing sessions and the publication of a documentation of our work so far!


Transatlantische Memoiren (April - June 2022, Dettenheim, Graben-Neudorf, Karlsdorf-Neuthard & Brusque, BR )

As a story collector, Maíra Wiener embarks on a search for historical connections and interconnections in the rural communities of Graben-Neudorf, Dettenheim, and Karlsdorf-Neuthard in relation to local migratory movements between these places in recent centuries and consequent waves of migration to southern Brazil.


RHEINREFLEXE (June - October 2022, Dettenheim)

RHEINREFLEXE is a documentary, participatory and site-specific video and performance project about adaptability, historical, social, as well as ecological contexts and contemporary future fabulations. It examines the effects of technical interventions in natural spaces for humans and nature and explores interactions on site in Dettenheim.

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