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em dias de ogra

It's not like ogres are unable to show kindness, honor or restraint. It is only more difficult for them.

Everything is eternally different in em dias de ogra. At each performance, the scenic space is shaped by the spectators of the time: they choose the color of the lighting, the costumes of the actors, the position of the scenographic objects and the chair arrangement for the public, as well as the challenges of the day that each one of the actors must fulfill.

There is no fixed text: a story about 4 sisters-in-law appeared during rehearsals and sometimes serves as a basis for improvisation, but it is not always used.

But when it is, Dolores, Rita, Berenice and Shakira let all the ogreness flow and contaminate everyone. No one - no spectator - is safe and may be called upon to interact at any time.






Directed by: Caroline Dalprá
Cast: Leonardo Ribeiro Brandão, Lucas Ferrazza, Maíra Wiener and Tuany Fagundes.
Arrangement of lighting, costumes, scenographic objects and challenges: the group

Choice of lighting, costumes, scenographic objects and challenges: the public

Duration: different for each presentation, on average 40 minutes.

Premiere in June 2012 at Laboratory 1 of CEART-UDESC .
Seasons of presentations at UDESC throughout 2012 and early 2013.
Presented at the 2nd Mostra Circuito Universitário em Cena during Floripa Teatro - 19th Isnard Azevedo Festival.
Presented on November 7, at Espaço Quilombo das Artes - Assentamento Urbano Utopia e Luta in Porto Alegre within the program of Cenários Possíveis, Palco Fora Do Eixo.

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