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Three characters trapped in hell. Three more in the cyclical routine of everyday life. One man and two women face ideological conflicts in the most inappropriate place, clashing each other until exhaustion; the others are locked in a seemingly free and repetitive orbit of their own lives, still connected to those who left them and tasting the suffering of loss second by second. What is more exhausting?

Free contemporary adaptation of the classic text "Huis Clos" by Jean-Paul Sartre, (In)realidade brings its main question in the very name of the show: what is reality? You decide what you believe. Two completely different - almost antagonistic -time-spaces coexisting at the same time in an almost inseparable way challenge the perception of the spectator, who will often have to choose where to look.

(In)reality, the eternal struggle against boredom, anguish and melancholy is just beginning. Come in and get used to it.






Directed by: Maíra Wiener
Cast: Ananda Scaravelli, Camila Raquel, Giancarlo De Luca Altafini, Iarima Castro Alves, Lucas Viapiana and Thaina Gasparotto
Scenography, sonoplasty and lighting: Maíra Wiener
Adaptation of the dramaturgy: The group
Pictures: Rafael Enoch


Produced by: Subject Coletivo Cênico

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiered in November 2013 at Laboratory 3 of CEART-UDESC.

Seasons of presentations in 2014, including a 3-day weekend-season in April at Casa das Máquinas da Lagoa da Conceição, in Florianópolis - SC.

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