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The migrant experience is crossed by feelings of nostalgia and longing. When we are far from the place where we came from, we realize that even things that we didn't pay the least attention to begin to be missed.

The SÜD project invited Latin American artists from Bochum and the region for the actions of its first edition NOSTALGIC NARRATIVES in October 2022, with the proposal of exchanging experiences, a decolonial café and nostalgic karaoke session.


What do we (not) miss? What are the strategies to deal with the feeling of missing? In what ways does nostalgia cross the experience and practice of Latin American migrant artists?


SÜD is a project by the German-Brazilian artist Anna Júlia Amaral, within the program Christoph-Schlingensief-Fellowship of Ruhr Universität Bochum and Kunststiftung NRW.

Also part of team are the artists André Felipe & Maíra Wiener.

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