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Things are sprouting on the site opposite the town hall: the growing area right in the middle of Graben-Neudorf is being called into life under the name "Spross" (ENG: Sprout).

Over the next few months, a diverse range of culture, mobile gastronomy and community-building meeting formats will flourish on the premises.

A program reuniting public rehearsals, artistic presentations, courses, meetings and discourse formats invites residents of Graben-Neudorf to experience and participate in the new realms.

Open call for proposals

Do you have ideas or proposals for program contributions?
Would you like to draw attention to your initiative? Plan association events in the new area?
Present or publicly rehearse a play or musical performance?

There is room for participation: We are looking for associations, initiatives, artists who want to make a difference and share their ideas, approaches and projects in public space with the community of Graben-Neudorf.

Send your ideas and suggestions to The program will be designed continuously, so that new impulses can be brought in continually.


Initiated by the town of Graben-Neudorf.

Curators / Project Managers: Maíra Wiener & Lukas Gauntt

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